The difference between single-cavity and multi-cavity moulds. A single-cavity mould produces a single product per cycle, while a multi-cavity mould produces more than one product per cycle.

State of the art

With the latest technologies, state-of-the-art production facilities and sustainable service & support, we enable our customers to be competitive and successful.

100% recycled

All of our plastic raw material is sourced right here in Ireland and all of it is recycled. We currently process 30 tonnes of plastics per annum and this is increasing every year.


Injection Moulding at EJS Plastics

EJS Plastics have four Engel injection moulding machines at our facility in Limerick. These machines range from 35 tonne to 125 tonne, giving us the capability and flexibility to cover a wide product range to support small low-volume production orders to large high-volume multi-cavity moulded parts for our industrial customers.

We specialise in providing our customers with a full suite of services from injection mould design, creation and the manufacturing of precision engineered parts.

As a family run business, delivering all services in-house at our purpose built manufacturing facility, we pride ourselves on our intimate customer knowledge and service delivery. We are unique in the flexibility of capabilities and our fast turn around times which are vital to our existing customer base.

High volume production

Injection moulding is, as our company name suggests, an integral part of what we do and, as such, we have invested in the equipment needed to compete in this sector at the highest level.

As well as the Engel moulding machines we also have robotic equipment such as the AlfaRobot arm seen on the right. This operates in unison with the moulding machines and, in this way, we can reach higher production output.

Our total output is now at 1.8 million parts per month across our entire production line. This consumes over 30 tonnes of raw material each year, all of which is sourced from sustainable sources.

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Production Capacity

Our combined production output, across all of our injection moulding machines, now totals 1,800,000 parts per month.



Our team are happy to assist with the design of components based on your requirements and specifications.


As part of our process, all components are validated against the defined specification.


Our logistics partners will provide delivery of all orders in a timely manner throughout Ireland, the UK and into contental Europe.


We understand the need for regular dependable supply of of components. You can rely on us to be part of your scheduled production output.


Green manufacturing

Read about eco-effeciency and sustainability at EJS Plastics