Sustainability is central to everything we do at EJS Plastics

Health & Safety

EJS Plastics is a safety-first workplace, with training provided on all tooling operations. Safety is also a major consideration when designing and producing components as those contribute to the safety rating of our customers products.


Environmental matters factor into every decision we make, from materials used, to our choice of equipment and machinery, to how we produce and deliver our customers completed products.


All 30 tonnes of our raw materially is ecologically sourced here in Ireland, all of it recycled. This, in turn, allows our customers to be more ecological. We also deliver eco-efficiency through our choice of production machinery, using only the most effecient equipment available.


We are here to serve our customers, and believe that we can only achieve success through their success.

We are currently under-going our certification for ISO-9001 which we hope to complete soon.


Your partner in green manufacturing


We have put in place strict internal policies on sustainability to guide our path towards environmentally responsible manufacturing, safety of our staff and the highest levels of quality in our day to day operations.


Recycled raw plastics material


Staff trained on the safe operation of all machines


Satisfied customers