Our Processes & Quality Control

At EJS Plastics we use a cyclical PCDA process  to continuously refine how the business operates on a day to day basis.

We use this process to identify opportunities for improvements in quality and time-efficiency while also eliminating errors. This is an established process that assures delivery of customer orders on time, every time.

The process is illustrated in more detail below.

In addition to the PCDA process, we also have a QMS (quality management system) in place which is a great asset and gives real structure to our QA processes.


Identify and understand the problem or task and develop a robust implementation plan.


Test the plan safely with a small-scale pilot run. Gather data to show whether the plan has worked.


Analyze the pilot run's results and determine if they meet the aims from step 1. If they don't, return to step 1. If they do, advance to step 4.


Implement the solution and continue to use the PDCA cycle to look for ways to make it even better.


Green manufacturing

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